YSYF will be hosting our Women’s History Month Campaign to spotlight powerful/influential woman in Ghanaian history. Today we highlight Farida Bedwei. 

Born in 1979, Farida Bedwei is a modern Ghanaian role model everyone can learn from. Bedwai is a software engineer by trade, having co-founded Logiciel, a company specializing in data and finance solutions in Africa. She currently works as a chief consultant for them. Logiciel has done wonderful things for the microfinance sector in Ghana and is regarded as its number one institution for small-lending.

Bedwei might be better known, however, for her infamous conception of Karmzah, a young superhero with Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP is a lifelong condition that affects movement and mobility. It’s no mistake that Karmzah has CP as Bedwei herself lives with the disorder. After being exposed to an accident at an archaeological dig site, Karmzah obtains the power to teleport. The mask she wears also allows her to hack any digital device, as well as speak every language in existence. Karmzah gives hope to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) showing them that you can be great no matter who you are. 

PWDs are amongst the most marginalized minorities across the world. In Ghana these stereotypes are perpetuated to a point where PWDs have extreme difficulty in participating in socio-economic activity. As a lifelong advocate for disability rights, Farida Bedwei has kept a much-needed conversation going to improve the lives of her compatriots.