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Marwah Sadat (she/her)

Vice-President Partnership 

Marwah Sadat is a first-generation Afghan-Canadian passionate about addressing global health disparities and understanding the root causes of poverty and social injustice. She holds a BSc in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Anthropology from the University of Toronto, and is currently pursuing an MSc in Global Health from McMaster University. With her interdisciplinary educational, NGO, and research background, Marwah understands the importance of dialogue with communities to better incorporate peoples’ lived experiences, narratives, and Indigenous knowledge as a step towards decolonizing sustainable development and aid. For this reason, Marwah joined YSYF for its mission to empower women and youth in culturally respectful ways that also emphasize self-determination. In her free time, she can be found in a café with her nose in a book while sipping on (many) cups of coffee.


Zaki Sayyid (he/him)

Director of Fundraising

Zaki Sayyid is currently in his fourth year at UTSC, pursuing a Specialist Program in Neuroscience, and minors in both History and Philosophy. 

He has competed in international-level debate events and has many years of student club experience in hosting conferences & open forums, teaching, building curriculums, planning events, and fundraising. He has also helped with nonprofit medical initiatives, working with organizations such as the American Muslim Women Physicians Association and the SA Foundation for Humanity. In 2019, he founded the Cultural and Social Awareness Club at UTSC, which aims to foster mutual understanding between people of different cultural and political affiliations by conducting public discussions about relevant national and global issues. He plans to bring his creative and ambitious spirit to fundraising initiatives at YSYF Canada. His other interests include religious studies, poetry writing, shawarma, and international politics. 


Shehzal Bhalli (she/her)

Events Assistant

Shehzal is currently completing her Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto. She is pursuing a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. Her desire to help minority populations has nurtured her intent to be in organizations which seek to alleviate global disparities.

Having an awareness of the social inequality and injustice women in Ghana face, Shehzal wishes to use this opportunity to educate others whilst aiming to decrease such partiality. Joining YSYF is her attempt of using local power to bring about global change.


Oyiza Nadeje Danaii-asil (she/her)

Events Assistant

Nadeje is a 3rd year student at the University of Toronto. She is currently studying psychology and health science and population health while also pursuing a biology minor. She is an active student on campus involved in Future Black Physicians and Centre for Integrative Anti-racism Studies trying to give back to her community. By changing and hopefully tackling the economic and health discrepancies amongst marginalized populations, this will make room to establish suitable and equitable healthcare as it should be a right to all worldwide. Her goal as the events assistant for YSYF is to develop a better understanding and application for the Ghanaian culture, and promote women empowerment.


Maraam Haque (she/her)

Director of Grants
Maraam is a first-generation Bengali immigrant. She holds a BSc in Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour and is now an MSc student, pursuing a degree in Global Health, both from McMaster University. Maraam has a passion for understanding people’s mental and physical well-being and the causes of social disparities that prevent people from reaching their full potential. As the Director of Grants for YSYF, she aspires to establish networks by utilizing education to support the YSYF vision to support women – by women. Maraam can be found rekindling her long love for books, writing, and playing music during her leisure time.

Andréa Figueora (she/her)

Grants Assistant

Having completed her Honours BA in International Development and Health Studies, Andréa is now focused on building her career in health policy where her goal is to address health inequities through community-informed approaches and empowering marginalized groups. From her combined undergraduate studies and lived experiences supporting non-profit work, she has learned how necessary sustainable development is, and that work done abroad by organizations needs to be led by the people they hope to help. As a Grants Assistant, she hopes to uplift this organization by bringing forth funding opportunities that will allow YSYF to continue expanding their reach. Outside her role at YSYF, Andréa is an avid hiker and dog foster mom for a rescue. In her purse you will find her cell phone, lost hair ties, dog treats, and her air pods. She loves listening to guided meditations, podcasts, and watching Korean dramas in her spare time.


Een Syed (she/her)

Outreach Liaison 

Een Syeda is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto who majored in Human Biology and Health Studies. She is committed to empowering women and girls through education, and social changes by making sustainable movements through NGOs. Een has always shown an interest in issues of gender-based violence, reproductive health, and gender equality to provide females with opportunities to create spaces of feminist transformation. She joined YSYF in 2020, and held the role of presidency at the University of Toronto. Een was the first to ever introduce and lead a YSYF chapter at a post-secondary institution level in Canada and was able to achieve recorded breaking goals within the first year of the organization being established. She intends to aid other post-secondary school YSYF ambassadors to start a chapter all across the country. She strives to raise awareness and advocacy of the mission and values YSYF works towards through working with post-secondary students and ambassadors.