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Maryam Fatima (she/her)

Vice-President of Human Resources

Maryam Fatima is an emerging leader, change-maker, and advocate for equality and justice. Her unique educational background combining Health Studies and Political Science enables her to understand complex global issues from an interdisciplinary lens.

Having graduated with an Honours Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Toronto, she now aspires to establish a sustainable, equitable, and just future for all. Maryam has made numerous significant contributions as a student leader at the University of Toronto. She was awarded the President Award and Letter Award for displaying outstanding qualities of leadership, and for her continued commitment to the student body.

As a content creator for YSYF, Maryam seeks to utilize an intersectional approach while creating compelling educational campaigns that foster cross-cultural understanding and empathy. Her ongoing goal is to make a lasting impact on the residents of the Doryumu community.


Ewurafua Opoku-Agyeman (she/her)

Volunteer Coordinator

Ewurafua Opoku-Agyeman is a first-generation Canadian immigrant who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She just graduated from the University of Manitoba with an Advanced BA in Sociology and Political Studies. She was awarded the Emerging Leader Award by the university for her exceptional and exemplary display of leadership within the University of Manitoba community. During her time at the University of Manitoba as a student leader, Ewurafua held the role of Vice-President and later on President of the Arts Student Body Council. She was very involved in student advocacy, student recruitment and student engagement amongst other student affairs. She made it her mission to ensure that the concerns and needs of students were always heard and reflected within university policies. Ewurafua is also passionate about social justice issues concerning race and equality and sees YSYF as an avenue to contribute to the betterment of these issues and create an equitable community. In her free time, Ewurafua can be found creating beauty content, binge-watching “The Office”, reading a good book or spending time with family and friends.


Kris Suri (he/him)

Volunteer Coordinator

Kris Suri is an altruistic student currently pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto. As a young leader, he values collaboration, innovation, and cross-cultural communication. His interests include healthcare, health research, community service, mindfulness practices and sports. During high school and university thus far, Kris has been an active member of student council groups to help represent students’ voices in policies and events. As a volunteer coordinator for YSYF, Kris hopes to apply previous leadership experiences to work towards the organization’s mission which aligns with one of his own – to address the concerns of underrepresented communities and improve their health and well-being. In his free time, Kris enjoys playing sports, spending time with family and friends, and hiking to better explore nature.


Batul Presswala (she/her)

Hiring Manager

Batul Presswala is an advocate for global social justice and health equity and takes an intersectional, interdisciplinary approach to her work. Batul is currently completing her Masters degree in Global Health at McMaster University and is especially interested in advancing women’s health globally. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of Toronto. Batul is a curious innovator and learner who has participated in various competitions and has aimed to tackle global issues using principles of sustainability and equity. Batul is also a student policy analyst in a federal government team committed to the betterment of the mental health of Black Canadians. Through this work, she has developed a better understanding of the social determinants of health and how systemic racism impacts health. In her free time, Batul enjoys reading a good book or travelling to beautiful, understated places in Canada.


Noor Mirza (she/her)

Director of Professional Development

Noor is currently a student at the University of Toronto, completing a double major in Biology and Psychology. Throughout her time in undergrad, Noor has taken courses on cross-cultural psychology and the psychology of prejudice, allowing her to have a strong understanding of the implicit biases that take place in our day to day lives. This has inspired her to educate others about such biases and take part in organizations like YSYF that deal with overcoming inequities. She also wishes to pursue a career in health care, with a focus on empowering voices from different cultural backgrounds. As the Professional Development Director, Noor hopes to use her previous experiences in training to work towards YSYF’s mission, by conducting workshops related to global health and international development. In her spare time, Noor enjoys spending time with family and friends, vlogging/photography, and exploring the outdoors!