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Amber Silva (she/her)

Vice-President of Communications

Amber Silva is a creative who aspires to empower people through storytelling. In 2019, she achieved her Master of Media in Journalism and Communication from Western University, where she was awarded the J.M. Penny Crosby Prize for Investigative Journalism, the William C. Heine Fellowship for International Media Studies, the Western Heads East Global Opportunities Award and the IDRC International Development Journalism Award.

During her master’s, Amber was also given the unique opportunity to produce a documentary with a women’s empowerment organization in Mwanza, Tanzania. Motivated by the women and girls she partnered with abroad, she returned with the passion to use her multimedia skills to amplify the voices of marginalized groups around the world.

As the Vice-President of Communications, Amber seeks to use her versatile background in journalism and communications and her experience collaborating through an anti-oppressive lens to further YSYF’s mission.


Nadeya Alli (she/her)

Social Media Administrator

Nadeya Alli is a Fall 2021 Bachelor of Commerce candidate at Ryerson University with a major of focus in Marketing. She has over 2 years of experience working in banking where she has developed both financial and marketing skills through leading and managing branch sales campaigns, building client rapport, and elevating financial advice with the needs of her clients in mind. Previously, she has been the Vice President of Marketing at her company startup Bezh Toronto whereby she has managed a marketing team, reviewed marketing analytics, lead sales campaigns, and updated social media channels. She is passionate about international development and women’s issues and is excited to take on the role of Social Media Administrator to better develop her technical skills and work towards helping the Doryumu community intersectionally with lasting impacts.


Sahar Mohmand (she/her)

Website Manager 

Sahar is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a specialist in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and a minor in Psychology. As an Afghan-Canadian, she is conscious of the impacts of the social and medical determinants of healthcare globally. She aspires to help improve the provision of basic healthcare rights and construct a world where life expectancy is not determined by one’s race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. By joining the YSYF team, Sahar hopes to connect with young minds through advocacy and education. Otherwise, Sahar can be found solving puzzles, baking, or enjoying nature with a long hike.


Vicky Gao (she/her)

Video Editor

Vicky Gao is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a specialist in Human Biology. She strongly stands with human rights and believes in equitability within communities. She is also passionate about women’s empowerment and cultural diversity. Her values and morals carry out her career path as she would want to enforce and ensure these values are instilled and protected. Vicky wants to share her perspective and hopes to learn and grow as an individual from being a part of the team. She also hopes to spread awareness and bring this issue to the topic. As a Video Editor/Animator, Vicky has many experiences serving as a marketing director and graphic designer. She also enjoys digital painting, clay modelling in her spare time.


Ayesha Karim (she/her)

Lead Graphic Designer

Ayesha Karim is an undergraduate student at Ryerson University, pursuing a degree in Nutrition and Food. She is passionate about empowering communities locally and globally. Ayesha brings seven years of graphic design experience with freelance work and is beginning her fourth year as a graphic design manager for MIST Toronto. She has a knack for translating educational information in an aesthetically pleasing and easily digestible way. By joining the YSYF team, Ayesha hopes to increase opportunities for women and youth, and help spread positive and accurate information about Ghana. In her free time, she enjoys exercising/weight training, reading, and baking.


Shreyansh Kushwaha (he/him)

Assistant Graphic Designer

Shreyansh is a first-year higher secondary school student. He strongly believes in human rights and equality. Having worked in a variety of industries, he has expertise in positioning and expressing one’s thoughts through visuals. With YSYF, he hopes to enhance his skills while encouraging women and youth to be empowered and create a world where people are not judged on the basis of their birth factors. While he is not at work, he likes to watch movies, talk with friends, learn a new skill, or dance.


Ammarah Naseer (she/her)

Newsletter Editor

Ammarah Naseer completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, where she specialized in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with a minor in English Literature. Having spent the past few years working with youth on hands-on science experiments, she values meaningful engagement with the community. Ammarah has also assisted with several research projects in the past, which were attempting to improve the health of children across Canada. In her free time, Ammarah can be found reading the latest young adult novel or practicing her shadowboxing. When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book, she is usually sipping on an iced caramel macchiato. She is passionate about connecting with people through storytelling. As a Newsletter Editor, Ammarah hopes to draw upon her experience working with youth and her love for stories when putting together newsletters for YSYF.


Tanmaya Ramprasad (she/her)

Content Creator

Tanmaya is currently a third-year student at the University of Toronto. She is majoring in International Relations and English. Having come from a medical and defense background, her values are firmly rooted in building and aiding communities regardless of race, gender, or class.

Having worked with YSYF closely, her passion for narrative building and decolonized journalism continues! She connected instantly with YSYF’s motivations and goals as she has worked with local women of my community in India and provided them with employment and empowerment.

Her goals at YSYF include connecting with a broader audience and bringing much-needed attention to female and youth empowerment in Doryumu as well as developing a deeper understanding of the Ghanaian culture. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching declutter videos as a form of therapy! Tanmaya is also a complete dog lover and she will stop to pet every dog on her way!


Ben Carson (he/him)

Content Creator

Ben Carson is a young professional interested in increasing, ameliorating, and disrupting the narratives surrounding the great continent of Africa. He hopes to continue this as a Content Creator for YSYF in Ghana. Ben’s interest in Africa, and particularly YSYF, stems from time spent in Tanzania and Ghana working with MVIWATA Manyara and the Artisans Association of Ghana, respectively. Ben worked as a Youth Engagement Officer in both countries and assisted the organizations in developing training material for member-groups and policies for greater inclusion of young people. He holds a BA in Political Science and Global Development Studies from Western University, and will be continuing his academic career at SOAS, University of London, in a Masters of African Studies and Swahili from 2021-2023. Outside of professional life, Ben likes to drum, read, and play video games in his spare time.